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Vol. 21 (2019)
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The Volume 21 of Perspectivas, the journal of the Research Center in Political Science, contains two articles from the field of Political Science, the first two of the issue, and two articles from the field of International Relations, the last two ones. The first article addresses the political determinants of populism in Italy , the second article deals with unruly movements, under Muslim influence in India and nearby Asia, the third article analyses the Arctic continent management and mismanagement, and the last article is on the inter-disciplinarily on political science and International Relations.
Published: 2019-12-20

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Perspectivas - Journal of Political Science is an online double-blind peer reviewed journal published by the Research Center in Political Science (CICP), a R&D unit belonging to University of Minho and University of Evora, both Portuguese Institutions. The journal invites submissions from established academics as well as early career researchers whose work may bring unpublished, innovative and significant theoretical, conceptual, methodological and empirical contributions to the fields of Political Science, International Relations and Public Management and Policy.